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Sustainable future

Together with our customers we create an energy efficient and sustainable building environment, by uniquely connecting people and optimal know-how

The effects of climate change will depend on location. BuildDesk can help develop policies or plans for how to adapt to inevitable climate changes - or assess whether existing policies or plans are adequate. The sooner we adapt, the fewer costs we will face in the future. It doesn't matter You live in United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands or anywhere in Europe. Contact us and we will help You to prepare for climate changes.

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Energy certificates

The requirement for energy performance certificates to be made whenever a building is constructed, sold or rented out means significant work for administrators of large building portfolios.

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Climate neutral cities

The issues of climate change, and the reliability and increasing costs of our energy supply are climbing up the agendas of governments and businesses.

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EPB Directive

Buildings are reposnsible for more then 40% of energy consumption. That is why EU had developed a certification system which will guide us to energy efficient buildings.

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